10m Air Rifle


This discipline features at all levels for men and women alike. It is shot from the standing position and the competition comprises 40 shots for women and 60 shots for men. In competition, 15 minutes is allowed to prepare and sight in the rifle (fire sighting shots and adjust the rifle sights so that the shots impact the centre of the target). The time allowed for competition shots is 50 minutes for women and 75 minutes for men.

The target is a black disc 10m away with with a 0.5mm ten ring in the centre. This is the most popular of the Olympic shooting disciplines worldwide, despite, or perhaps because of the fact that standing is the most challenging and least stable position from which to aim and fire the rifle.

Stability is achieved by using one's balance and skeleton to support the rifle instead of muscle. This means that there is no requirement for great physical strength to be successful, and everyone can be competitive.